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Health R.Evolution

I’m Quinn ~

A mental health educator, counsellor, life skills coach, mom and an unwavering optimist. I am dedicated to helping young people and the adults who surround them rediscover their innate mental health and resilience.

With more than 15 years experience in the human development field, I have found deep within the human spirit is where we experience true psychological freedom. 


This paradigm shift is EVOLutionary in the fields of mental health, social and emotional learning, preventionhealth & wellness.

Research and a growing community of practitioners is pointing us toward the peace and wisdom that lies within.


Discover for yourself how Mind Health is part of the natural human design. 

Mental clarity, resilience, and well-being are available to all of us, regardless of circumstances. 


Visit the Services page to see how I can help. 


 For as long as I can remember, I love to teach. From baton twirling and swimming lessons to corporate training and curriculum design. The gift of teaching is that I become a lifelong learner.

Credentials ~ Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Masters Educational Leadership, speaker, author and mama of teenagers.

 Designed a ten-week program Explore Resilience from the Inside-Out. The first edition of this manual was part of a research project that is now published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Behaviour. 

 A Vancouverite with a global vision to create a new language for mental health in our schools, workplaces, and families. 

  Co-founder of the Web of Well-Being global project. Our mission is to showcase the work being done around the world to help young people see the power of their innate well-being and resilience. 

  Started my career in the beauty industry and now I’m turning beauty inside-out with my GirlSpirit initiative. Check it out. 

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