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The foundation to preparing students for life begins with drawing out their natural well-being and resilience. 

Discover a simple understanding that is improving the innate resilience and well-being in students. Addressing the root cause of all mental health symptoms from the inside-out offers young people greater hope and a healthier state of mind.  

No skills or techniques to teach, nothing more to add to your lessons except to add a refreshing look at how the mind creates mental resilience and well-being from the inside-out.

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@ Work

Unlock the untapped resources in your staff to reduce stress and increase productivity.

Through a series of Lunch & Learns or one to one coaching, participants gain a refreshing look at how to turn stress inside-out. Mind health is the natural antidote to experience clarity, common sense and capacity for well-being.

Education on the principles of resilience is the foundation of a healthy collaborative culture. Re-inspire your team with a refreshing approach to overcoming work challenges. 

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“What our kids feel from us in the moment is the only thing that really matters.” 

                                                Parenting from the inside-out is changing the way parents are engaging with their children.

Preparing young people to live a healthy, resilient and productive life begins with an understanding of how the nature of Thought creates our experience life. This unique look at parenting reduces the need for techniques and engages the wisdom and common sense of both parent and child.

Discover how the principles of resilience are the foundation to guiding your children towards their natural ability to flourish.

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“I never knew feelings were so powerful, and thoughts too but thanks to you, I now know.” grade 5 student

Step out into your life with a deep knowing your inner world is designed to guide you in wisdom, clarity, and confidence. 

Discover how to maximize your psychological well-being with a deeper understanding of how your mind operates from the inside-out. 

Sessions are educational in nature and guide you towards a greater appreciation of your own innate mental health as a way to overcome life pressures and feelings of distress. 

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 The idea that innate wisdom is within all of us and our thoughts are connected to how we feel, act and respond has given us as a class a common language and understanding.  It helped students when involved in disputes to be reminded of what is really important.  They stop and see how they are allowing clouds of thought to cover up their sun or innate wisdom.  Student communication with each other has improved.  I have noticed that students try to understand each other and are clearer about how they feel and so situations deescalate. Behaviour concerns have decreased.

Thank you for the much-needed support.

Jessica                                                                      Elementary School, Maple Ridge, BC

The most amazing experience has been teaching my Sunday School class (kindergarten / grade 1) about their ‘sun’ and the way to handle ‘clouds’. Since that lesson, they’ve been so funny at sharing how they feel (it’s now our introductory game every Sunday). One little girl shared, “It’s so rainy and cloudy outside…but not in this body. In here (pointing to her heart) the sun is shining brightly!”

Chantal                                                                            Pre-School Educator, Vancouver, BC