just BEaUty

The energy of wisdom is within her, moving

her towards fulfillment as a girl and

the woman, she will become.

Counselling & Coaching

What if you could step out into your life knowing your inner world is designed to guide you with wisdom, clarity and confidence?

Giving your daughter a safe place to explore her inner life lets her know she has the internal resources to live her life to her fullest potential.

When she begins to uncover her innate gifts, she will experience her life through the lens of her own natural well-being.

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Mums of Daughters

Are you the woman your daughter turns to for guidance? Are you the sounding board she needs when she’s making important decisions in her life? 

Take the time to discover the special role you play in your daughter’s life. You may be surprised by what she truly needs from you as she grows and designs her own life BEaUtiFULLY.

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f * b * i  girl


f*b*i girl is a six-week program designed to explore beauty from the inside-out. Girls will experience the principles of BEaUty every girl needs to know.

This unique program does not require learning new skills, strategies or techniques…it simply detects what is already within her.

f*b*i girl ~ train the trainer Program is designed to support social and emotional learning in schools, mental health in youth initiatives. Receive your own f*b*i mentor badge and empower girls in your area with this new approach to resilience and well-being.

Five Brushes


FIVE BRUSHES is designed to introduce girls to the essential  life skills that will prepare them for 





Through individual or group sessions girls will design the BEaUty regime that is best suited to their lives.

Parents who participate in the parenting sessions will explore  the key ingredients to becoming confident mentors for their daughters through life’s ups and downs.

Prepare your daughter for life

Join today and get access to BEaUty Gems. Every girl needs to have a little sparkle.