The Resilient Classroom

Creating a resilient climate in the classroom invites teachers and students into a natural learning partnership. The principles of resilient strengthen classroom management styles as educators become aware of the role state of mind plays in their teaching approach and in the learning process.

The manual Explore Resilience from the Inside-Out offers teachers a creative resource to begin the conversations with their students about the innate power of Thought and its role in designing classrooms where students flourish.  

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Parents as Partners

What if parents were engaged in your social and emotional initiative? Parents who engage strengthen social and emotional outcomes as they discover for themselves the role their state of mind has in parenting their children to thrive.

As part of the Resilience from the Inside-Out initiative, parents are invited to take part in the lessons with activities sent home with the students. Bridging lessons enhances student learning and  introduces a new language of resilience and well-being into the home.

Coaching for Well-Being     

Educators who experience less stress teach from a more relaxed state of mind, naturally engage the best in all of their students, and enjoy their work more.

Through an insight-based coaching style, educators learn how the human experience is created from the inside-out.  Clients who gain a deep understanding of the principles of resilience will naturally find ways to engage students in their ability to be focused, engaged and motivated to learn.

Bonus ~ Teachers will experience reduced feelings of overwhelm and an increased feeling of calm and joy.

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Essential Life Skills

Five Brushes ~ a Life Skills Development approach to prepare pre-teen and adolescent girls with the essentials for living a Vibrant Insightful Brave Empowered (V.I.B.E.) life.

Visit GirlSpirit page to learn more about the essential life skills and services available for girls and parents.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Resilience from the Inside-Out has given us a common language and understanding that has decreased anxiety and de-escalated behavioral situations. The idea that innate wisdom is within all of us has, in a specific example, increased attendance and personal strength.

During the program, students do a lot of reflecting about themselves and what it means to have a healthy life. We, my teaching partner and I, have noticed a calmer feeling in the classroom. Students are able to sit and work for short periods of time and follow class expectations. Anxious feelings have decreased as students learn more about themselves. 

Jessica ~ Grade 6 teacher

It was great – I’m really happy that I learned how to share the principles with a new audience, something that was quite daunting at the start. Both the course depth and breadth was excellent and it was also eye-opening and immensely enjoyable too. Your attention to detail and personal tuition was very helpful and I’m really grateful. Thank you so much, Quinn.

Innate Health Practitioner, London UK

I would like to turn my clouds into the fresh air. And think about the clouds this way. If they are grey and dark, it means staying inside making hot chocolate and watching movies. That’s nice! The clouds are not only bad.

15-year-old female student, Denmark


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